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My everything
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Catching up on life in the UK


Lama sungguh tak bukak blog ni. Bersawang sudah. So many things has happened in my life. For instance, I'm 37 weeks pregnant! Nazhan bakal dapat adik in shaaAllah. It's about time Nazhan got a sibling. He's almost 5 years old. He's going to P1 primary school this August. Last Oct I went back to Malaysia for 2 months. When we got back here in Glasgow Nazhan was having trouble settling in at the nursery. Probably because most of his friends has gone to primary school and he saw lots of unfamiliar faces. Plus, his daddy couldn't come with us to Glasgow because he had some work to do in Malaysia. Separation anxiety kot. I couldn't leave him there in the nursery because he will cry his heart out. So I had to sit with him everyday, for about 4 weeks. That was in the past. Alhamdulillah now he's doing very well in the nursery, making new friends, his vocabulary has improved tremendously and his confidence level has increased. He always say 'thank you', 'sorry' and 'I love you mommy and daddy and adik'.

Masa hari raya Aidiladha di Malaysia

Sempat bercuti ke Langkawi

My husband's Masters convocation

Oh, and my husband has officially finished his Masters in Engineering and finally has been given an unpaid leave from MPOB to stay with me in Glasgow until I finish my PhD. So he will take care of me during my confinement. Berpantang di oversea rasanya simple sahaja kot, just jaga makan minum dan bertungku. Urut-urut tu takde la. I'll try to blog about how I berpantang in the UK. Hopefully everything will go smoothly, aamiin...

This was taken last year at Amsterdam

At the famous flower garden Keukenhorf, Amsterdam. Will blog more about this trip later.

I'm out of ideas for now. I'll try to write more soon. Doakan kami selalu ye..Till then, xoxo

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