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Friday, December 23, 2011

Program Pembangunan Kepimpinan Tunas Akademia di AKEPT

Saya baru je balik dari menghadiri Program Pembangunan Kepimpinan Akademia anjuran AKEPT-UPNM..Kali ni UPNM jadi penyelaras so ramai la tutor dan pensyarah dari UPNM yg datang..Lokasinya di Bangunan AKEPT, Bandar Enstek Negeri Sembilan. Program started from 21st - 23rd Dec 2011...Walaupun tempat tu memang ulu dan ditengah2 hutan tapi once dah masuk AKEPT, cantik rupanya tempat tu..bilik macam hotel..ada fridge, air-cond..nasib baik ada fridge so boleh la pam susu untuk stok Nazhan..stok EBM sekarang dah tersangat la kurang..

Akademi Kepimpinan Pengajian Tinggi (AKEPT) yang ditubuhkan pada Januari 2008 merupakan sebuah organisasi di bawah Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi bertujuan selaras dengan objektif Pelan Strategik Pengajian Tinggi untuk mentransformasikan sistem pengajian yang sedia ada terutamanya dalam pembinaan modal insan.

Sesi ini lebih berkisar tentang penyampaian informasi berkaitan program 1Malaysia, Program Transformasi Kerajaan (GTP), Program Transformasi Ekonomi (ETP) dan Rancangan Malaysia ke-10 (RMK10). Hal in bertujuan agar peserta memahami usaha-usaha kerajaan dan mendapat gambaran bagaimana peserta sebenarnya mampu untuk menyumbang ke arah pembangunan tanah air. Selain itu, ada juga talk on Pelan Strategik Pengajian Tinggi Nagara, Journal writing and publication dan Leadership in Teaching..on the last day tu ada group discussion dan presentation from each group..

ini adalah blok penginapan..lelaki dan perempuan di blok berbeza

besar tempat ni

ni la bilik dia..macam hotel kan? kami duduk twin sharing

Friday, December 16, 2011

You know you're a biologist when.....

(Inspired by the chemistry blog...(a few borrowed)

You know you're a lab rat when:

You open the toothpaste with one hand.
You wash your hands before and after going to the washroom.
When you hear tween, you think of the surfactant not the age group.
For you, media is something which increases your culture.
You can identify organs on roadkills.
You have a callus on your thumb.
You use the word "aliquot" in regular sentences.- this is so and hubby always use this word..
Sometimes you momentarily vanish from social activities because of a timepoint.
You've never worn a clean lab coat. - spot on!
You don't fear rodents, rodents fear you. - i still afraid of a rodent, black mice that is, not white mice
You say "orders of magnitude" in regular sentences.
You flinch when you hear the word "significant". - totally!
Showing up at 10AM and having a coffee is a productive day.
You can't stand god-like physicians, while secretly wishing you had their job.
You're very good at diluting things.
You're also very good at transferring small amounts of liquid between containers.
You are fed up of people saying alcohol, when they mean ethanol.
You hear the word ‘Molar’ and teeth are the last thing on your mind. - haha, so true..
You say “conjugation” instead of “sex”, and "pili" sounds dirty.
SOB is not an insult, it's what you grow your bugs in.
You say "mills" and "megs".
No-one in your family has any idea what you do. - yup, that's right
You can make a short film in power point.
You consider a green laser pointer to be science bling.
A falcon is not a bird....- hahaha
And you have 5 of them with different types of water.
When your fruits go bad and you get fruit flies, you can't help but check their eye colour - mutant?
You own invitrogen t-shirts and actually wear them.
You think that drosophila geneticists have a good sense of humour.
You refer to your children as the F1. - this one is the the
You've suffered carpal tunnel from the pipetman.
You've used kimwipes as kleenex.
A timer clipped to the hip is not only practical, but dead sexy.
You've played Battleship using tip boxes.
The front pages of Science is your light reading.
You think the following is a quality insult: "I've seen cells more competent than you!".
The scent of latex reminds you of work, not play. - get it? lol
You're looking for a cooking book by maniatis.
You've used, "I'd like to get into your genes" as a pickup line.
You've made dry ice grenades.
You've lost many friends to ice grenades...
The stains on your lab coat have become hard-set patterns that welcome new additions every year
Your computer is worth more than your car.
You like to think of computer parts as "subunits".
You check the meniscus when measuring liquids in the kitchen - couldn't help doing this
You want to use a magnetic stirrer in your kitchen!
You have to turn off shows like CSI in disgust when they pipet bubbles or get HPLC results in 30 seconds!
When discussing beer at a party, you are able to detail the biochemistry involved in the fermentation process.
You are really pissed that this thread is issued to biologists, not molecular biologists
When a large shipment of tips, eppis, etc. arrives and it feels to you like Christmas.
 When you get super happy your lab is getting a nanodrop.
 You feel yourself very badly when in the CSI series the "scientist" does not put a balance tube into the
 and read this list to see how many applied to you.